Announcement: FMA imposes sanction against the person responsible of GoLending AT GmbH for breaches against the Capital Market Act (KMG)

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The Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) hereby announces that it has imposed a fine of EUR 10,000.00 by means of a penal order, against a person responsible at the time of the offence being committed pursuant to Article 9 para. 1 VStG of GoLending AT GmbH for misleading advertising in conjunction with the public offering of qualified subordinated loans by the company pursuant to Article 4 para. 3 KMG as well as breaches of prospectus provisions pursuant to Article 7 paras. 1 and 8 in conjunction with Annex C point 12 KMG. The penal order is not final.

Update 06.11.2019:

An appeal has been submitted to the Federal Administrative Court (BVwG; Bundesverwaltungsgericht) against the penal order issued by the FMA.