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Details about “Systemically Important Institutions”

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The identification of systemically important institutions (SIIs) in Austria is based upon the mechanical calculation of scores pursuant to the scoring method defined in the EBA Guidelines EBA/GL/2014/10 (Guidelines on the criteria to determine the conditions of application of Article 131 (3) of Directive 2013/36/EU (CRD) in relation to the assessment of other systemically important institutions (O-SIIs)). These Guidelines define ten indicators, which are to be calculated for all credit institutions on the basis of consolidated data (maximum score 10,000 points). All institutions with a score of over 275 (threshold) were classified as being of systemic importance, since on the basis of the criteria of size, significance for the Austrian and European financial sector, cross-border activities as well as their interconnectedness with the financial system, they form a significant factor of influence for the stability of the financial system in Austria, and therefore in the event of their failure present a significant risk for the stability of the financial system in Austria and the European Union. The identified SIIs have been informed by the FMA by means of an administrative decision. Dependent on the score, three relevance levels have been defined for Austria, in order to be able to differentiate accordingly between the applicable level of the buffer rates:


Category Scores OSII-Buffer 2018 OSII-Buffer 2019
Bucket 3 ≥1,000 1.0% CET1 2.0% CET1
Bucket 2 637-999 0.75% CET1 1.5% CET1
Bucket 1 275-636 0.5% CET1 1.0% CET1

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