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The FMA on Twitter

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The Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) has a Twitter account @FMA_AT. Its tweets constitute messages from the FMA’s Department for Executive Board Affairs and Public Relations.

The Austrian Financial Market Authority is consciously opening @FMA_AT as an additional communications channel for information about its duties and activities. The FMA is however required to use Twitter in accordance with its mandate as a supervisory authority and the applicable underlying legal conditions. This applies in particular with regard to official secrecy, and specifically means for @FMA_AT:

  • On Twitter, the FMA’s Department for Executive Board Affairs and Public Relations’ other conventional forms of communication also apply: Individual legal measures that have been taken by the FMA will by definition not be commented on, and the FMA will not take part in discussions about them on Twitter. Furthermore, the FMA may not provide any legal advice through @FMA_AT.
  • Media enquiries as a result require more substantial answers than Twitter permits. Media representatives are therefore required to continue to address their enquiries through the traditional channels by telephone and e-mail directly to the Media Relations Officer. Such enquiries from the media will only be replied to through @FMA_AT in exceptional cases.
  • @FMA_AT follows other institutions or individuals on a purely case-by-case basis. The fact that @FMA_AT follows someone does not constitute any form of an endorsement and does not constitute a close relationship to the FMA.
  • Please understand that @FMA_AT as a rule does not respond to direct messages (DMs). Available resources do not permit this. Direct messages sent to @FMA_AT do not constitute an official form of establishing contact with the FMA. This also applies for parties of proceedings with the FMA.
  • Written submissions to the authority shall not be accepted via @FMA_AT.