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Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) affected by “MOVEit” hacker attack. Very heterogeneous data stolen with limited relevance in terms of data protection law.

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Data belonging to the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) were among those copied and stolen during a coordinated global attack by hackers that exploited a previously unknown security vulnerability in Progress’ “MOVEit” software. With the help of external specialists, the FMA was able to close this security breach, which also affected the “Secure File Transfer” platform that the FMA uses, and intensive work has continued on limiting and remedying the damage caused. The data that was stolen has already been identified and analysed regarding legal data protection implications. Since the hacked software is a data transfer tool, the data affected was selected at random, and are of a very heterogeneous structure. Based on the analysis conducted regarding data protection law, a limited number of persons were indirectly affected by this data being stolen, and they have therefore been directly informed by the FMA. As a matter of course, the competent authorities – especially those responsible for conducting criminal investigations – have already been informed and involved.

Journalists may address further enquiries to:

Klaus Grubelnik (FMA Media Spokesperson)

+43 (0)676 88 249 516

+43 (0)1 249 59 – 6006

[email protected]

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