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Sustainability in the FMA

The FMA places particular value on the issue of sustainability not just in relation to the Austrian financial market, but also in our everyday office work at our premises. A large number of measures are being taken to use the available resources responsibly.

Sustainability measures

Our staff members act in an environmentally conscious manner with regard to energy consumption, using of materials, or good practices in relation to waste, in order to ensure that our ecological footprint is kept as small as possible. For example:

  • Paper consumption has been dramatically reduced by using an electronic file management system. Paper towels used in restrooms are made of specially certified paper that is recycled and produced in an environmentally friendly manner. Consumption of materials is kept to a minimum.
  • In order to save energy, all lighting elements throughout the premises use either LED lamps or fluorescent lights with motion sensors. The large number of windows in the FMA ’s premises allow us to make use of daylight in offices, which contributes considerably to savings of electricity consumed. Clean power is sourced from wind energy and hydroelectric power.
  • The FMA places particular store on the separation of waste into plastic, paper, residual waste and biodegradable waste, and this is regularly checked by a waste management officer.
  • Storage facilities for bicycles and scooters at our premises, as well as the FMA ’s proximity to public transport services, provide our staff members with alternative ways of commuting than by car.

FMA Environmental Brochure

The aforementioned measures are only a few of the measures taken to ensure office-based work is performed in a more sustainable manner, while assuming responsibility for our environment. Further information as well as a comprehensive overview about the issue of sustainability in the FMA can be found in the current environmental brochure (in German only).

OekoBusiness 2024 Award

The FMA is part of the City of Vienna’s environmental service programme. The sustainability measures that we have taken have paid off: we have been awarded the “OekoBusiness Wien – Betrieb” award in 2024, as we were in 2023, and are now also part of the the OekoBusiness Wien network.

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