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Macroprudential supervision

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This page contains the macroprudential banking supervision instruments. These instruments include the capital buffer regime, measures on exposures secured by immovable property, the “National Flexibility Package” and details about the reciprocal application of macroprudential measures by other Member States or third countries.


The capital buffer regime comprises of the Countercyclical Capital Buffer, the Capital Buffer for Global Systemically Important Institutions, the Capital Buffer for Other Systemically Important Institutions and the System Risk Buffer.


  • Capital Buffer for Global Systemically Important Institutions
    (pursuant to Article 23b BWG in conjunction with Article 131 CRD IV)
    (Note: there are currently no institutions classified as Global Systemically Important Institutions in Austria!)



  • (pursuant to Article 124 CRR and Article 164 CRR)
    (Currently there is no modified risk weighting in Austria!)

  • Measures to Limit Systemic Risk
    (pursuant to Article 22a BWG in conjunction with Article 458 CRR)
    (No measures contained in the National Flexibility Package are currently being applied in Austria!)

Specific macroprudential measures, which have been taken in other Member States or third countries, must also be observed by credit institutions in Austria (“principle of reciprocity”). The European Framework on Macroprudential Supervision prescribes the obligatory recognition of measures issued by other Member States pursuant to Articles 124 and 164 CRR as well as for Countercyclical Capital Buffer rates (of up to 2.5 %) – although in this case applicable to other Member States and third countries. In this regard, the European Banking Authority (EBA) and the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB) are required to disclose information on macroprudential policy actions by other Member States.


In accordance with Article 124 (2) CRR or Article 164 (5) CRR the EBA publishes a list containing the risk weights and criteria for exposures secured by immovable property (Article 124 CRR) or changes to the LGD values (Article 164 CRR):


Links to more detailed Information:

Measures taken by Member States in relation to Article 124 CRR

Measures taken by Member States in relation to Article 164 CRR


To provide additional guidance about Measures in accordance with Article 124 CRR and Article 164 CRR the FMA has made additional explanations available in English under the following web link.


The ESRB has set up a web page, to disclose information about macroprudential measures notified to the ESRB, including the Countercyclical Capital Buffers of Member States as well as its opinions and recommendations.


The following links contain information from the ESRB about notified measures as well as details about the Countercyclical Capital Buffer rates in Member States.

Measures notified to the ESRB

Countercyclical Capital Buffer rates in Member States


The BIS publishes the Countercyclical Capital Buffer rates on its website for the Member States of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) as well as for non-members upon notification. This information as well as the Countercyclical Capital Buffer rates notified to the ESRB are relevant for the calculation of the respective institution-specific capital buffers pursuant to Article 23a BWG in conjunction with Article 140 CRD IV. An overview of the Bank for International Settlements Countercyclical Capital Buffer rates are shown under the following link.

Overview of Countercyclical Capital Buffer rates


The Financial Market Authority explicitly advises that the links on this page is only provided for information purposes. For legally binding information please contact the respective competent authority in the Member State or third country.