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Ouch! Where is my money?

“Let’s talk about money” explains what to do if money mysteriously disappears from your account.

Release Date 25.03.2024

Münzen ges

FMA Annual Report on Asset Management 2023

funds under management increase to € 213 bn (+6.5%) despite net outflows

Release Date 18.03.2024

Geld und Miniaturpuppen auf weißem Hintergrund

FMA Report on Occupational Provision Funds 2023

Assets managed increased to € 18.7 bn (+12.5%); 10.9 mn entitlements

Release Date 14.03.2024

The FMA warns


Release date 06.04.2024

CFX Fund Management Ltd

Release date 30.03.2024

OnlineBlue Group LLC

Release date 28.03.2024

SwissCrypto ETF Ltd

Release date 25.03.2024

The CR Sports Consulting GmbH

Release date 20.03.2024


Release date 20.03.2024

How to spot financial fraudsters

You receive an attractive offer for investing money. Caution, it could be fraudulent! If you are in any doubt whether a company is allowed to conduct financial transactions with you, e.g. is allowed to sell you shares, ask us!

Spotting financial fraudsters

The FMA informs

Verification of officially signed documents

electronically and in paper form

Release date 30.03.2023

FMA, AMF, CONSOB and CNMV about Asset Management

Priorities of the FMA, AMF, CONSOB and CNMV for a macroprudential approach to asset management.

Release date 15.04.2024

Extension of Scope of Licence

Konzessionserweiterung Bitpanda Financial Services GmbH

Release date 11.04.2024


FMA imposes sanction against WEB Windenergie AG for delayed notifications about proprietary trading activities

Release date 11.04.2024


FMA imposes sanction against a private investor for breach against the ban on market manipulation

Release date 09.04.2024

Lapsing of Authorisation

Lapsing of Authorisation of Invesdor GmbH

Release date 08.04.2024

About the FMA

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OekoBusiness Wien Award

The FMA has been awarded the OekoBusiness Wien - Betrieb award, and is part of the OekoBusiness network

FMA 2025 - Our Strategy

The FMA as an authority that thinks and acts transformationally, has its finger on the pulse, and that proactively shapes issues as they emerge.