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Here you find information about the preconditions for conducting insurance business in Austria and about the use of the Company Database.

Preconditions for conducting insurance business in Austria

The conduct of contractual insurance business in Austria without an appropriate licence is inadmissible. Insurance companies can be divided into the following categories:

Domestic insurance undertakings

Domestic companies, i.e. companies based in Austria, need a licence, which is granted by the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA), in order to be able to conduct contractual insurance business. Principally, the licence is valid in the whole European Economic Area (EEA). After going through the notification procedure at the FMA Austrian insurance companies are allowed to conduct insurance business in other signatory countries of the EEA Treaty without needing an additional licence (principle of supervision by the home country). Small mutual associations are domestic insurers. Legal regulations provide for only a limited number of members as well as limitations with regard to both the location and field of activities.

Foreign insurers with headquarters outside the EEA (Third-country insurers)

Third country insurers require a licence by the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) in order to be able to conduct insurance business in Austria. After having been granted a licence third-country insurers are only allowed to conduct business in Austria by establishing a branch office. The business activities of the domestic branch office are supervised by the FMA .

Foreign insurers with headquarters in the EEA (EEA insurers)

Insurance companies based in another EEA signatory country (EEA insurers) do not require an additional licence in order to conduct insurance business in Austria. Nevertheless, they have to notify their intention to do business in advance at their competent home country supervisory authority. After this notification they may carry out insurance business in Austria either by establishing a branch office or under the freedom to provide services. The classification of insurance classes is harmonized in the European Economic Area (EEA); in Austria it is stipulated in Annexe A to the Insurance Supervision Act. EEA insurers are placed under the supervision of the competent supervisory authority in their home country (principle of supervision by the home country).

Company Database

General Information

The following data base of insurance undertakings contain all insurance companies authorized to conduct insurance business in Austria. The information is compiled and updated with great care; nevertheless, the FMA cannot assume responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the data. Company Database

Insurance Classes

In order to find out for which insurance classes an insurance company does hold a licence you have to click on the name of the particular insurance company. The numbering of insurance classes corresponds to the numbering in Annexe A of the Insurance Supervision Act 2016.

Further information


Insurance Supervision Act 2016 (VAG 2016)

Maximum Interest Rate Regulation for Insurance Undertakings (VU-HZV)