Austrian Financial Market Authority

Otto-Wagner-Platz 5
A-1090 Vienna

Tel: (+43) 1 249 59 0
Fax: (+43-1) 249 59-5499

If using electronic postal delivery, the FMA can be reached under the ERsB number 9110020375710 or using the organisation designation “Finanzmarktaufsichtsbehörde”.

The party may be granted access to files held by the authority in electronic form upon request.

To ensure legally effective submission please consult this Announcement (in German only).

Contact Addresses

Enquiries and complaints may be submitted to the FMA in writing here. To submit a complaint you require the documentation that you sent to the complaints management department of the company you complained to as well as the complaints managements’ written response, provided that you received one within an appropriate length of time.

Enquiries and Complaints

or by post to Finanzmarktaufsicht – Verbraucherinformation & Beschwerdewesen, Otto-Wagner-Platz 5, A-1090 Vienna

Would you like to apply online for a currently vacant position? You can upload attachments here, such as your curriculum vitae and covering letter in all commonly-accepted formats. Current job offers and online application (in German only)

FMA has established a point of contact for FinTech, which you may contact if you have questions relating to licencing requirements, the obligation to publish a prospectus, compliance or anti-money laundering regulations, how FMA procedures are conducted or costs involved. FinTech Contact Form (in German only)

If you wish to operate a new business model in the future, and have specific questions in relation to supervisory law (the obligation of holding a licence and licensing requirements, the requirement to publish a prospectus, compliance or anti-money laundering regulations, how FMA procedures are conducted and costs incurred), the form below enables centralised contact to all the divisions concerned within the authority. Contact Form Legal Enquiries about Business Models

Contact form For the issues of consumer enquiries, complaints, questions about FinTechs, legal enquiries about business models and job applications, please only use the dedicated contact forms, otherwise it is not possible to reply (directly).

The FMA’s business hours

Monday to Thursday: 08:00 to 17:30 Friday: 08:00 to 16:00 (excluding statutory public holidays, as well as 24 December and 31 December).