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Mission Statement

The FMA is Austria’s independent, autonomous and integrated supervisory and resolution authority. As an integrated authority our overall perspective of the Austrian financial market enables us to conduct consistent and efficient supervision. We are part of the European System of Financial Supervisors (ESFS) and actively contribute with expertise and practical experience.

With competence, control and consequence, we pursue the aims of contributing towards the stability of Austria as a financial market and reinforcing confidence in the ability of the Austrian financial market to function, while acting in a preventive manner with respect to compliance with supervisory standards, and also protecting investors, creditors and consumers alike.



We use a risk-based and solution-oriented approach to address complex issues and apply our knowledge in a target-oriented manner in the interest of integrated supervision. Furthermore, we create a positive and constructive working environment and constantly invest in training and further education. We base our actions on the principles of objectivity and independence, and excel as a result of our commitment to act both quickly and appropriately in a constantly changing environment.



We monitor the Austrian financial market and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. We fulfil our mandate responsibly, safe in the knowledge of the significance of our work for financial market stability. At the same time we act in a preventive manner and conduct constructive dialogue with market participants.



We demand that all market participants conduct their business in a law-abiding manner, and work towards necessary and sustainable behavioural change. In the event that breaches of legal provisions nevertheless occur, we deploy the supervisory tools and resolution actions that are at our disposal. Violations are punished consistently.