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FMA Guides

FMA Guides are intended to provide supervised institutions with know-how and to promote the development of a common understanding. FMA Guides do not constitute a legal regulation. No rights and obligations extending over and above the provisions of the law can be derived from them.

The following list contains only those FMA Guides for which an English translation exists. For an exhaustive list of all currently applicable FMA Guides, please consult the German version of this page.

All English translation of the authentic German text is unofficial and serves merely information purposes. The official wording in German can be found at the web pages of the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA ). All translations have been prepared with great care, but linguistic compromises had to be made. The reader should also bear in mind that some content of soft law like Minimum Standards, Circulars, Rules of Conduct and Compliance und Supervisory Disclosure will remain unclear without certain background knowledge of the Austrian legal and political system. Please note that both the authentic German and the translated text may be amended in future and check occasionally for updates.

Table: FMA Guides
TitleRelease DateCategory
01/2020 FMA Guide for Managing Sustainability Risks Format: pdf02.07.2020FMA Guides