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FMA Asset Management Report for 3rd Quarter 2018 on the Austrian Fund Market

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As of 30.09.2018 the Austrian funds industry has € 182.8 bn funds under management. In the course of 2018 there was a slight fall of -0.5% or € 1 bn. Broken down by investment strategy the funds under management stand at approx. € 75.1 bn in mixed funds, € 61.3 bn in bond funds, € 30.3 bn in equity funds, € 8.3 bn in real estate funds, € 6.9 bn in money-market funds and short-term bond funds, € 547 million in private equity funds and € 406 million in other funds.

Broken down by investment strategy, the performance of funds under management have varied greatly. Bond funds have sustained the strongest fall – of -4.3% (- € 2.7 bn), followed by money-market funds and short-term bond funds -1.9 % (- € 83 million) and mixed funds (-0.9 % or € -0.7 bn). In contrast there has been significant growth in equity funds of 6.6% (+ € 1.9 bn) and even of 8.2% (+ € 0.6 bn) in real estate funds. The long-term trend is a reduction in the number of bond funds with a stagnating aggregated amount of funds under management, while the funds under management of real estate funds, mixed funds and equity funds is increasing.

While there is an observable trend among Austrian investment fund management companies (KAGs) towards market consolidation, the asset management landscape nevertheless is becoming more diverse and complex due to an increasing number of Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMs) and Managers of European Venture Capital Funds (EuVECAs) During the current year, 2018, a total of four new AIFMs were registered (of which two were also authorised as Managers of EuVECAs), two investment fund management companies (KAGs) and alternative investment fund managers (AIFMs) were merged with one another, and one AIFM surrendered its licence.

Consequently as at 30.09.2018 there were 17 investment fund management companies authorised, of which 15 also held a licence as AIFMs, while all of the five authorised real estate investment fund management companies also hold an additional AIFM licence. In additional there are four undertakings that only hold a licence as an AIFM. A further 27 undertakings are registered as AIFMs, of which seven undertakings are also authorised to operate as Managers of European Venture Capital Funds (EuVECAs).

As of 30.09.2018 Austrian Funds consisted of 975 Undertaking for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS) and 1,108 Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs). In addition to the UCITS, 162 of the AIFs can be distributed to the public as public funds. Categorised by investment strategy they consist of 1,096 mixed funds, 491 bond funds, 343 equity funds, 66 money-market funds and short-term bond funds, 29 private equity funds, 17 real estate fund as well as 41 other funds. The total number of Austrian funds fell by one during the current year, 2018.

7,274 UCITSs and 1,029 AIFs of foreign investment fund management companies and AIFMs have been notified for distribution in Austria as of 30.09.2018. Broken down by their country of origin, Luxembourg, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany and France are particularly strongly represented.

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