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Global Dynamic Marketing LTD

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Pursuant to Article 4 para. 7 first sentence of the Bankwesengesetz (BWG; Banking Act), the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) may disclose to the general public by publication on the Internet, in the official gazette “Amtsblatt zur Wiener Zeitung”, or in any other newspaper with nationwide circulation, that a particular natural or legal person (person) is not entitled to carry out certain banking transactions, provided that said person has given cause for such action and informing the general public is deemed necessary and reasonable with regard to possible disadvantages of the person concerned.


By publication in the official gazette “Amtsblatt zur Wiener Zeitung” of 13 January 2017, the FMA hereby informs that

Global Dynamic Marketing LTD

With its registered address apparently at:

Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 2

E-Mail:, info@
Internet: and


is not entitled to carry out banking transactions in Austria that require a licence. Therefore the acceptance of funds from other parties on a commercial basis for management purposes or as deposits (Article 1 para. 1 no. 1 BWG) is not allowed.

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