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In 2017 whistleblowers made 158 tip-offs regarding misconduct in the Austrian financial market. FMA Executive Board: “Our whistle-blowing system is an important source of information for the FMA.”

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In 2017, the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) received 208 tip-offs about alleged improper conduct in the financial markets via its whistleblowing system, of which 158 actual fell within its supervision. Compared with 2016, the number of tip-offs increased by 17.5%, and was up by 48.6% compared with 2015. 33 of the tip-offs did not have any relevance for supervision, while the remaining 17 were passed on to the competent authority. Such anonymous tip-offs from the market as well as the supervised entities led in 54 instances to supervisory measures being initiated, such as on-site inspections, brief inspections or Fit & Proper tests. Consequently 8 administrative penal proceedings were initiated and fines totalling € 154,000 imposed. Furthermore the tip-offs triggered 8 investor warnings, and 19 reports were made to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. 48.1% of the submissions of relevance to the FMA were in relation to unauthorised business operations, 17.7% misconduct in banks, 20% securities supervision, 5.7% money laundering, insurance and Pensionskassen, 2.5% accounting, and the remainder in relation to various other supervisory areas.

“Our whistle-blower system has developed into an important source of information and knowledge for supervision”, emphasised the FMA’s Executive Board members, Helmut Ettl and Klaus Kumpfmüller: “It can be reached 24/7 around the globe via our website ( It guarantees the whistle-blower complete anonymity, while at the same time also permitting anonymous communication via an electronic mailbox. Neither the criminal authorities nor we are technically able to establish the identity of a whistle-blower. Anyone can anonymously report wrongdoing or misconduct in this way, without running the risk of suffering personal reprisals.”


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