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The 10 rules of investment

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  1. Define your investment aim and available funds clearly!
  2. Do not allow yourself to be pushed about when receiving advice or when purchasing!
  3. If you are unsure or require explanations, ask questions, or seek the advice of a second provider!
  4. Keep on asking questions until you understand the product!
  5. Be cautious if you are promised high returns with a low risk – a high return is always associated with a high risk!
  6. Do not be tempted by sales calls over the telephone, terminate unwanted telephone calls that are trying to approach you to do business immediately!
  7. Check a reliable source of information, before you invest!
  8. Check the registered address of the issuer as well as whether a prospectus in accordance with the Capital Market Act has been issued!
  9. Request a copy of the investor profile and the minutes of consultation.
  10. Never overestimate your own knowledge and skills about the capital market!