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SunMirror AG (ISIN: CH0396131929) FMA advises investors to be cautious about tips for buying stocks

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According to information received by the FMA, the stock of SunMirror AG (ISIN: CH0396131929, ticker symbol: ROR1) is currently being intensively recommended in market letters or e-mails as one to buy. Increases in price of over 100 % are being reported.

The FMA advises all investors to check the details stated in such recommendations to buy the stock very carefully using other sources. This particularly applies in the case where investors are being given particularly strongly worded recommendations to buy the stocks, with the profits spoken of being extremely high and/or where investors are being placed under time pressure to do so.

Frequently, the sole purpose of such market letters or e-mails are to push investors towards buying certain shares, so that the sender of the letter or mail is able to profit from the price of these shares increasing.

The company’s shares are admitted for trading on the Wiener Börse AG in Austria, in official trading, in the standard market continuous market segment.

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