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FMA Report on Asset Management in the Austrian funds market: Assets managed increase by +13.9% to a record level of € 230.7 bn

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As of 31.12.2021, Austria’s investment fund industry managed assets of € 230.7 billion, an increase by € 28.2 billion or +13.9% compared with year-end 2020 – a new all-time high. Austria’s fund industry achieved aggregated net inflows of funds of € 15.2 billion, with the rest of the increase attributable to increases in fund prices. During the 4th quarter of 2021 alone, net asset value increased by 3.5% or € 7.7 bn in comparison with the preceding quarter. Following a longer term phase of consolidation, the total number of Austrian funds in 2021 increased again for the first time in a while, by 37 funds. As per the end of 2021, Austrian providers managed 903 “Undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities” (UCITS) as well as 1,152 alternative investment funds (AIFs). In past years in relation to investment strategy, there have been inflows identified in particular in mixed funds, equity funds as well as real estate funds, while bond funds have lost ground. Sustainability funds (in accordance with EcoLabel 49) are enjoying particular popularity, with there being 109 already offered, with their assets managed having increased by 60% or € 10.2 billion to € 27.1 bn in 2021. These are the findings of the Austrian Financial Market Authority’s (FMA) report on Asset Management for the 4th Quarter and Full Year for 2021, that was published today.

Broad offering of Austrian funds

As of 31.12.2021 Austria’s asset managers managed 1,131 mixed funds with € 105.9 bn in assets (+17.8% or € 16.0 bn in 2021), 434 bond funds with € 62.4 bn (+0.3% or + € 0.2 bn), 344 equity funds with € 44.1 bn (+30.7% or + € 10.4 bn),  49 short-term bond funds with € 6.1 bn (+5.0% or + € 0.3 bn), 38 private equity funds with € 0.8 bn, 39 other funds with € 0.4 bn as well as 20 real estate funds with managed assets of € 11.0 bn (+11.3% or + € 1.1 bn). These funds were established by 14 investment fund management companies (KAGs; Kapitalanlagegesellschaften) authorised in Austria under the Investment Fund Act 2011 (InvFG 2011; Investmentfondsgesetz 2011) and 56 alternative investment fund managers (AIFMs) under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Act (AIFMG). While the number of KAGs remained unchanged in 2021, the number of AIFMs increased slightly.

Dynamic offering of foreign funds in Austria

Out of 9,744 foreign funds, which were approved for distribution in Austria as at 31.12.2021, 7,714 (+98) were “Undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities” (UCITS) and 2,030 (+294) alternative investment funds (AIFs). The total number of foreign funds again increased significantly. More than half of the foreign funds originate from Luxembourg, followed by Ireland, Germany and France.  

The full report can be found online (in German only) on the FMA website.

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