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Austrian Insurance Statistics

The Österreichische Versicherungsstatistik (Austrian Insurance Statistics) database contains information from the annual financial statements as well as other further information for insurance undertakings that are authorised to conduct business in Austria, although small mutual insurance associations pursuant to Article 5 no. 4 of the Insurance Supervision Act of 2016 (VAG 2016 – Versicherungsaufsichtsgesetz) are excluded. The Austrian Insurance Statistics have been published on the since the 1998 financial year.

Statistik der kleinen Versicherungsvereine

In the Statistik der kleinen Versicherungsvereine (Statistics for small mutual insurance associations – available in German only) the most significant figures from the annual financial statements of the small mutual insurance associations are summarised. These statistics have been published since the 2000 financial year. Until 1999, these statistics were integrated into the “Veröffentlichungen des Bundesministeriums für Finanzen betreffend die Vertragsversicherung” (Disclosures by the Federal Ministry of Finance regarding contractual insurance).

Provision of Services and Branches

Insurance undertakings that are authorised in an EEA Member State have the possibility on the basis of their licence in their home country, to perform services in another Member State under the freedom to provide services and/or through a branch. In the Statistiken zum Dienstleistungs- und Zweigniederlassungsverkehr (Statistics on freedom to provide services and branch activities – available in German only) figures can be found about the activities of Austrian insurance undertakings in the EEA as well as information about insurance undertakings from EEA Member States that are active in Austria via the freedom to provide services as well as via a branch. The values refer to the total premiums and are published once a year.

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