Study on “Digitalisation of the Financial Market”

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The framework of the financial market is changing more quickly and fundamentally than ever before due to the digitalisation of financial services. In 2018 we started with a comprehensive analysis about digitalisation in the Austrian financial market. The Study „Digitalisierung am österreichischen Finanzmarkt, Stand, Ausblick, Call for Input“ (Digitalisation in the Austrian financial market, the status quo, outlook and call for input) is the intermediate result of this analysis. We would like to use it as a basis for initiating a broader discussion about the implications of the digitalisation of the Austrian financial market.

Your input is therefore particularly important for us. We therefore invite you, our stakeholders – supervised entities, investors, savers, insurance policyholders and consumers, public sector institutions and the interested public – to critically scrutinize the findings and conclusions sketched in this report, and to enrich your own perspectives, experiences and approaches to solutions. At the end of each chapter of the report, we have formulated several questions for you by way of guidance.

Call for Input

You can submit your input about the study to us in an informal manner by e-mail to The deadline is 10 October 2019. We will be happy to receive your input and will draw up a public concluding report. Furthermore, the findings from this work will also flow into our supervisory strategy.