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Information about the relaunch of the FMA Incoming Platform

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The Incoming Platform allows supervised entities to submit data, notifications and documents to the FMA and the OeNB electronically.

The system has been in use since 2009, and has been extended over the years to permit approx. 430 types of submission across all areas of supervision and forwards submissions automatically into the internal file management system (ELAK) or into the reporting processing systems within the respective supervision departments.

Synergies are use, the time for submission is shortened and the operational burden minimised due to documentation being increasingly submitted by electronic means to all involved parties.

From today, 31.01.2022, a new relaunched version of the FMA Incoming Platform is available to supervised entities.

The changes are in particular related to technical updates, although the user interface has also been given a makeover.

Furthermore, it should be noted that all submissions via the Incoming Platform are now deleted for data protection reasons after two years following their submission via the Incoming Platform. The specifically means for the registered entities that they are only able to inspect their historic submissions through the Incoming Platform for a period of two years.

The Single Point of Contact (SPOC) at the Financial Market Authority and the Oesterreichische Nationalbank continue to act as the specialist point of contact for the submitting party. Their names are visible to logged in users in the application’s navigation bar. Technical enquiries may be submitted using the contact form within the Incoming Platform.

Announcement about the legal effectiveness of submissions in German only

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