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Caution when transferring your money!

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Never pay your money directly into the account of the investment services provider or the investment firm! This rules out the risk of the investment services provider or investment firm not transferring your money onto the investment company and to profit at your expense.

The investment services provider or the investment firm is prohibited from providing services that cover the holding of money, securities or other instruments belonging to clients. The undertaking is therefore in this way at no point in debt to its clients (this ban also relates to the setting up of collective portfolios).

  • Ensure that the account into which you are paying is held at a trustworthy bank!
  • Only you should be authorised to dispose of funds held in this account!
  • Remember that many investors have already lost their money, for example by many international transfers (to collective custody accounts).

Frequently accounts and securities custody accounts are opened at banks and brokers with familiar sounding names, but whose name is easily confused with undertakings with an excellent reputation. In this case, you should also check with your regular bank. The broker may be authorised to make arrangements using your assets on behalf of your financial services provider without your knowing anything about it.

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