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Q1 2019 FMA Report on Supervision of Capital Markets Prospectuses: stable issuance activity despite challenging environment.

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During the first quarter of 2019 the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) approved eight prospectuses, the same amount as in the first quarter of 2018. During the same period of comparison the number of final terms received in relation to approved base prospectuses increased from 1,211 to 2,163, an 78.6% increase. The number of prospectus supplements approved by the FMA during the same period decreased from 22 to 17, a fall of 22.7%. These are the findings in the report published today by the FMA in its capacity as prospectus supervisor for the first quarter of 2019.

Lively interest in offerings in the EEA

The cross-border offering of financial instruments requiring a prospectus saw 42 prospectuses approved in the European Economic Area (EEA) during the first quarter of 2019 being notified to the FMA for distribution in Austria, an increase of 10 prospectuses of 31.3% compared with the first quarter of 2018. The number of notified supplements increased from 164 to 198, an increase by 20.7% The number of prospectuses notified by the FMA to its sister authorities within the EEA increased from two (Q1/2018) to three (Q1/2019), with the number of supplements increased from six to eleven.

As in the first quarter of 2018, the FMA submitted three reports to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for breaches by prospectuses in accordance with the Capital Market Act (KMG) during the first quarter of 2019. Following six administrative penal proceedings having been concluded in the corresponding period of the previous year, the FMA concluded five such procedures during the first quarter of this year.

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