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The FMA warns about fraudsters impersonating FMA staff members requesting money to be transferred to conduct an apparent transfer of funds

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Currently, both in Austria as well as abroad, fraudsters are currently operating under the name “Deutschekassa payment processing system” and the accompanying website http://deutschekassa.com and are impersonating employees of the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA). They make unsolicited telephone calls and request money to be transferred to be able to make a transfer of funds. To be able to conduct such a transfer of funds that the contacted persons are apparently entitled to, it is apparently necessary for the contacted persons to pay a certain percentage of the total as “commission”.

The fraudsters are inter alia using the contact information of the FMA on their website, as well as the e-mail address Antrag@fma-gv-at.com (or similar addresses), and illegally making use of the logos and lettering of the FMA in written documentation. They are therefore clearly trying to create the impression that the corresponding documents are actually issued by the FMA.

The FMA warns: such approaches constitute attempted fraud. The FMA has already reported this issue to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Anyone who is confronted by such types of telephone cases, is requested to inform the FMA without delay. Under no circumstances should any kinds of payment be made, and under no circumstances should you volunteer your information such as account details.

Contact details for the FMA:

Tel: +43 (0)1 24959 – 0

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Journalists may address further enquiries to:

Mr. Stefan Maier

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