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Where can I get a copy of the prospectus?

What does the designation “mündelsicher” (English: “gilt-edged”) mean for investors? Is the invested capital guaranteed?

What is a subordinated loan?

An investment in the form of a subordinated loan is subject to a particularly high level of risk. Investors accept in making such an investment that in the event of the borrower becoming insolvent, they will only get their back, once all other creditors have received their money back (“subordination clause”). Consequently, there is a particularly high risk of there not being any more money available for paying out the subordinated creditors.

Rights of information of insurance customers of life assurance companies

Insurance undertakings are bound by rights of information prior to the contract being signed, as well as rights of information during the contractual period.

Was is a capital market prospectus and what information must it contain?

Is it possible to change from a Pensionskasse to occupational group insurance?

What is “Abfertigung neu” (the “new” severance payment scheme)?

Information obligations about deposit guarantee schemes

How high are the fees for a transfer being made to Switzerland?

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