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PEPP Registration, Modification and Deregistration

Investment firms or management companies that are authorised in accordance with Directive 2014/65/EU and alternative investment fund managers established in the EU (EU AIFMs) in accordance with Directive 2011/61/EU may apply to register a PEPP.

Below you can find information about the national taxonomy, that must be observed for the registration, modification or deregistration of a PEPP.

Taxonomie 1.0 (Format: pdf, Size: 264,6 KB, Language: German)

An overview of the previous national taxonomies can be found here:

Überblick Taxonomien (Format: xlsx, Size: 19,0 KB, Language: German)

The valid taxonomy documents in XBRL format regarding the PEPP Key Information Document (PEPP KID) can be found on the EIOPA website.

Furthermore, when submitting the necessary documents for the registering, modifying, or deregistering a PEPP via the Incoming Platform it is essential that the PEPP naming convention (in German only) is observed. PEPP Namenskonvention (Format: pdf, Size: 251,3 KB, Language: German)