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Applicable Regulations

The texts of laws, regulations, administrative rules as well as the general guidance adopted in Austria in the field of prudential regulation are published in this section of the website. The FMA hereby fulfils its obligations pursuant to Article 57 (1) (a) of Directive (EU) 2019/2034 transposed in Article 48 para. 1 no. 1 WPFG in conjunction with Article 1 of Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 2022/389.

Laws and regulations consist of all legal texts which exist in the respective EU Member States for transposing IFD provisions contained in Directive (EU) 2019/2034 as well as Regulation (EU) No. 2019/2033. The legal texts in this instance shall prescribe the legal and regulatory framework that applies to the supervised entity’s scope of operations.

The term “administrative rules” is used in a variety of ways in different contexts. For supervisory disclosure purposes it refers to all documents which provide supervised entities with specific guidelines how to fulfil the named legal provisions.

In addition to the disclosure requirements set out in Directive (EU) 2019/2034 “General Guidance” also covers any explanatory information issued by supervisory authorities, which is intended to provide assistance in implementing the new regime. The term “General Guidance” therefore also includes all publications by supervisory authorities in this area that are aimed as improving mutual understanding.